1941 Ford Hemp Car for Sale


1941 Ford Hemp Car

If you are a classic car enthusiast or a hemp advocate, then this 1941 Ford hemp car might be the perfect addition to your collection. This unique vehicle is now available for sale, offering a piece of automotive history with ecological significance. Read on to learn more about the car’s history, features, and how you can make it yours.

History of the 1941 Ford Hemp Car

In 1941, Henry Ford unveiled a car made from and fueled by hemp. The body of the car was composed of a biocomposite material that included 70% hemp, 25% sisal, and 5% resin. This revolutionary vehicle was not only eco-friendly but also incredibly durable and lightweight. However, due to the restrictions of World War II and the rise of alternative materials such as steel, the production of hemp cars never took off and only a few prototypes were made.

Features of the 1941 Ford Hemp Car

The 1941 Ford hemp car for sale is a rare and valuable piece of automotive history. Here are some of its notable features:

  • 70% hemp biocomposite body
  • 25% sisal and 5% resin composition
  • Original Ford flathead V-8 engine
  • Manual transmission
  • Historical significance as a pioneer in sustainable vehicle production

How to Purchase the 1941 Ford Hemp Car

The 1941 Ford hemp car is currently up for sale by a private collector. If you are interested in owning this piece of automotive and ecological history, you can contact the seller for more information and to arrange a viewing. Due to the rarity and significance of this vehicle, serious inquiries are encouraged.

Contact Information

For inquiries about purchasing the 1941 Ford hemp car, please contact the seller at [insert contact information here].


The 1941 Ford hemp car represents a pivotal moment in automotive history, showcasing the potential of sustainable materials in vehicle production. As a rare and significant piece of history, this car offers a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a pioneering example of eco-friendly engineering from the past. With its originality and historical value, the 1941 Ford hemp car is a one-of-a-kind find that should not be missed by those passionate about classic cars and environmental sustainability.


Question: Is the 1941 Ford hemp car drivable?

Answer: Yes, the car is fully drivable and has been maintained in good condition. However, as with any vintage vehicle, it may require some restoration work depending on the buyer’s preferences.

Question: How much does the 1941 Ford hemp car cost?

Answer: The price of the car is available upon request. Interested buyers can contact the seller for more information regarding the asking price and negotiation details.


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